The Story Behind Ayu Aulia Desperately Trying to Suicide

Some time ago, Ayu Aulia caused a commotion when she was found in her apartment unconscious. It happened after he attempted suicide.
The model's manager, Fahmi Aditian, told Ayu's stories to him before the heartbreaking incident.

"Ayu often talks about netizens that she often gets bullied, especially with her current partner, because her husband's family does not approve of it, it is very disapproved," said Fahmi Aditian when met at Studio Trans TV, Tendean, South Jakarta, Thursday (24/2/2022).

Feeling that her relationship was not approved by many parties, Ayu once decided to end her relationship. But he still wanted to survive.

"He feels confused, he wants to end the relationship, but the man is still begging for his love. Tell me too, he wants to stay with Ayu, he wants to still be in a relationship," explained Fahmi.

Because many do not approve of their relationship, Zikri Daulay asks his relationship with Ayu to be a backstreet so it doesn't become a problem anymore.

"Yesterday there was talk of wanting to go backstreet, then it was because of bullying by netizens, the family of the other side who didn't agree, I even said that because his image was bad," said Fahmi.

Fahmi admitted that Ayu's previous image was not good. However, he emphasized that everyone has the right to have a different future.

"So let the past be the past, people also have a future, so he thinks the same now is the future that will be good in the future with these two people making love," said Fahmi.

Not to forget, Fahmi also conveyed Ayu's current condition. Currently, his condition is still in the recovery period, ranging from external injuries to his psyche.

"Ayu Aulia's condition is now in recovery. I focus on Ayu to recover her situation, her attitude, her psyche, her mentality. I support, I entertain, it's more that way," he concluded.