Market Analysis

Market Research Future (MRFR) presumes the global motion sensor market size to reach USD 7 billion at 11% CAGR from 2020 to 2027 (forecast period). 

Multiple Factors to Boost Market Growth

The miniaturization of MEM devices is increasing the demand for motion sensors. People favor motion sensor technology that is portable and small in size. In motion sensor technology, size is critical. The transition from bulky MEM to small size motion devices is the primary driver of rising demand. Size reduction is a major driving force in the motion sensor market. Furthermore, severe government security regulations are propelling the industry in some areas.

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The motion sensor is a high-end security technology that not only captures intruder details but also detects body temperatures. In recent years, the government's promotion of security has increased the demand for a wireless motion sensor. Consumer electronics is a broad topic that encompasses a wide range of electronic device specifications. An accelerometer is a feature found in a variety of electronic devices. These accelerometers can be found in smartphones, laptops, and computers. Another important motion sensor market is the usage of accelerometers in electronics. Furthermore, the low consumption requirement in the MEM market is increasing demand for the motion sensor business. These factors contributed to the market's expansion.

Market Segmentation

The global Motion Sensor Market Trends has been segmented into type, integration, and verticals. 

By type, the global motion sensors market has been segmented into Ultrasonic, Vibration, Dual technology, Infrared, Area reflective, and Microwave. 

By integration, the global motion sensors market has been segmented into Accelerometer, Severe combo, Magnetometer, and Gyroscope. 

By verticals, the global motion sensors market has been segmented into consumer electronics and automotive applications. The consumer electronics segment has been further segmented into smartphones, tablets, computers, wearable devices, gaming consoles. The automotive application segment has been further segmented into driver assistance systems, airbag deployment, healthcare, electronic control, suspension monitoring, vibration monitoring, industrial, commercial, residential. 

Regional Analysis

North America to Dominate the Global Market

The North American motion sensor market will outpace the rest of the world. The market value in North America will peak in 2022. In this region, consumer electronics is a critical market driver.

Key Players

Notable players in the global motion sensors market are Sensata Technologies (US)Memsic (US)IFM Electronic (US)Murata Manufacturing (Japan)Panasonic Electric Works (Germany)NXP Semiconductors (Japan)Qualtre (US)KVH Industries (US)Bosch Sensortec (Germany)InnaLabs (Ireland)

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