Just wondering what methods I can employ to OSRS gold defeat Nomad. I've not yet tried it, but I want to make sure to do so that, I'm fully prepared and understand what I can expect. Let me know any tips you've got. I'll post my stats to see if they can help. I'm grateful to anyone who has a response.

Melee him. Make use of Chaotic Rapier if you have it, but if not, use the bgs. You can probably get away with a tort full of rocktails but it is advisable to drink 4 brews and two restores for the event, and make sure you have 1 prayer potion along with 1 super attack and 1 super strength.

Study a detailed guide to his tactics and avoid them I also recommend carrying a kyatt pouch along with about 20 scrolls. It simplifies things, put aside your crime after you've used all your food to summon your kyatt. Praise God for the bulk of the battle as well as piety and defend yourself from attack at the close.

My stats are significantly less than yours, and I meleed him easily (with rapier and ddef) I needed approximately 10 brews plus the rest of my rocktails, but I was close enough that you are likely to be able to cope with your increased stats. If you feel that the healing is insufficient , you could always move up to brews but what I suggested will cost you around 250k for each attempt, as opposed to 400-500k for brews, which means it's worth trying rocktails I think. They are also easier to control because the stats remain high and you don't need to be concerned about keeping track of three-to-one ratios when eating.

I just read around and came across PC very interesting. I will try to get rid of. What is the time it will take? I'm trying to figure out what is the ring, which bow... ( Does D Bow count as my top bow? ?)... and if my arrows come back to me at the end of the game. Also the helm, would an arma helm work better? Arrows dont come back to you after the conclusion that game. I've heard it takes 7-14 hours. I did not bother recording time, but it took approximately 10 hours. I wouldn't recommend opting for buy rs07 fire cape void, unless you plan on renewing membership.