You'll see one or two of Buy RS Gold the most powerful monkeys continuously harassing you, resulting in a extremely low-click and quick xp. After 15 minutes, they won't be aggressive, so you can go out, jog around a bit, and return to teleport.

I've found this to give me very fast xp every hour, definitely faster than slayer. And best of all, there's no bots! Does salve have a quest req? Piety is only 12mil away... The most effective option is to use Chiv, because my current cash pile is 11m and it's never in my bank account (always with ge increasing) and the other 12mil is within items.

Fury is a 2+ str to glory that inspired me to smile... I don't need that extra def, since I am well over 300+ with my current equipment. Sry that I didn't calculate the praying drain correctly. Alrdy have a great team in Bandos... (im lowest cb there, but its a lootshare and im good l0l)

It's my opinion that you must haunt mine to get the salve amulet. However it's well worth it. It's quite simple and not very long. The result is the standard salve amulet which grants 15% to attack and the ability to fight undead. It is then taken to Tarns Lair and enchant into the salve (e) which gives 20% of attack as well as strength.

I'd advise getting piety whenever you can, you can get dragon bones cheap at the moment You can also look into the cost of RS 2007 Items infernal ashes, they're usually a bit cheaper. You can bank bones of dragons you collect, taking urns on demon tasks, and spending penguin points, effigy lamps and Troll invasion rewards in prayer will boost your level quite little.