Closure Wig can wear safely and make us have no worries, it can be worn safely and combatically combed the PlusVelcro tuning label, so that you can fix it on your head. However, ladies know that the wig has been long after a long time. It becomes more rough, dry and broken. More importantly, for many more mature ladies, their hair is decreasing, look very bad, 4x4 Lace Wig are suitable. So how do you maintain a wig? This is what we are paying attention.


About lace closure wigs: lace closure wigs mainly made by human hair wigs, there is a lot of advantages, but there are people who have false hair, especially if it is 100% hair The highest quality 4x4 Closure Wig is more advantageous. This depends on your care and maintenance of wigs on wigs. Despite this, since the human hair wig is made by human hair, the wig will damage after a period of time.


How to maintain a Lace Closure Wig


Correct cleaning wigs. Wash them with a sulfate shampoo and hair conditioner. Clean it with warm water. Remember not to distort or rub your hair. Try using any other product suggested by mild shampoo or expert.


Avoid over-washing. Brushing and excessive washing or just scrub wigs can cause it to become crimp in the vicinity of the end, which can damage the hair, therefore, maintaining appropriate washing frequencies is necessary.


Appropriate storage. Wig should be stored properly so that it can keep it shape. The place where you should keep them away from sunlight.


Using thermal protective agents when heating your hair


The wig is made of real human hair, so when you use heating tools, the thermal protective agent is applied evenly in the head to help protect its own hair, especially when the heat tool is at a higher temperature.


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