360 Wigs are more and more popular in the market,And it is very popular among fashion girls who want to create their own hairstyles and wigs. 360 lace frontal are new to many people but becoming very popular for a number of reasons.With 360 frontal closure,there is no need to sewn down your wefts on your head but to a wig cap,which makes it easier to wear and take off. 360 Lace Wig are the new trend to many people but becoming very popular for a number of reasons.

Why choose 360 front wigs
1: long-lasting
If the use method is correct and the daily care is appropriate, the 360 Lace Frontal can usually last for 6-12 months.

2: high-quality, 100% human hair 
360 lace wig is made of 100% human hair, and the inner is made by imported high-quality Swiss lace, which has strong tear resistance. Because lace has a strong breathing ability. The 360 Lace Front Wigs can adjust the size of the cap according to your head size by using the adjustable strap. It will feel very soft, breathable, and not stuffy. Your scalpcan breathe under the lace.

3: natural-looking
360 lace wigs can create the most natural looking for women.
It is pre-plucked with baby hair which shows a natural hairline, and the lace is a medium brown color. Medium brown color lace can melt with your skin correctly. 

4: cost-efficient
Due to the lace area, the cost of a full lace wig will be higher than the cost of a 360 lace wig. HD lace wigs will also cost more than 360 lace wigs. If you want a bigger parting space, but limited economic capacity, 360 wigs will be your best choice compared to other wigs.

Protect Your Own Hair,You don’t have to worry about your own hair.If you are wearing a weave hair,when you use a 360 frontal closure instead of leave out you don’t need to worry about the leave out becoming weak,brittle and unhealthy.And it will protect your hair because your hair was still damaged from bleaching and coloring and cutting.So the 360 lace frontal really gives your hair a break.It looks completely amazing,no shedding,no tangling,everything is super flat to your own hair.

Save Money,We all want to spend the lowest price to create our beauty,as 360 lace frontal just can do lace front wigs by yourself.So you need to buy 1 piece affordable 360 lace frontal and two or three human hair bundles,then the total price will equal a lace front wigs price,even lace front wig is cheaper than it. 

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