Okay, I'll go with the method I described on RuneScape gold the first post, except I'll look for barrows' gloves and a Berserker. My next concern is what kind of armor should I choose for fighting bandos? I'd also suggest borrowing claws to take on your adventures. Or better yet, get the fighter torso and then make use of money from BCP money to purchase claws. V helms are for tanking/solo'ing.

Do not believe people who say Ktop as well, you mentioned you're in 5-6 man teams which means you have a one-sixth chance of the magic minion smacking you. Make sure you don't mess up the ktop, the strenght of the bandos is more crucial. Last but not least, I don't know your prayer/herb levels. The least you can do is be essential. If you're about 70 herb you'll probably be able to get an 88'ish herbal lore using 40M. Extremes+6? Is it from bandos.

He has 60 prayer and 48 herblore. It's 6.9mil for 70 prayers, including an ecto with ashes or dbones/altar. It took only a few minutes for me to perform ecto with an ashes. I was able to get around 70k/hr with no agile short cuts because you don't need grind bones. I'm not sure what xp/hr you can get from dbones or altar however it's supposed to be more efficient, which is why I recommend getting it.

Is there anyone who's willing to key larges with me while I belch? But here's the deal I was to do 20 kills in fight caves to gain access to a massive dungeon from Benn0, would anyone like to take on this together? I'm willing to try something similar to that if someone wants perhaps duel quits or some other thing?

You don't have to be a professional, but you must be competent enough to abandon 2 floors. I'm looking for an easier way. Would you like to dung with me? 83 because I got Bonecrusher and the Split D tooth necklace, Totaling 42k tokens or 420k extra points I'll need to earn for CR. Anyone know how long it takes to earn this? In my experience, soloing smalls works best for cheap OSRS gold me (I made a key for a 49 minute large )