If you want to remain there for a decent amount of time , and to be able to AFK Guthan's armor, it's a ideal choice. The distinct effect of the entire set helps you AFK there without dying , and the statistics to OSRS Gold Guthans armor are quite impressive as well.

The only drawback has to be the way the armour (along with all other Barrows armor) is degradable. Do you think that this is primarily used for defensive training? I'll think about it in the future, but do you have any suggestions on how to build strength? Have you thought about taking armor and when you're low on health heal up and put another amour in place if so i recomend just some the torso and legs or something similar.

Also, not staring at the screen and doing your work while the fleshies are on... isn't an AFK... If it's over 5 minutes. If you're sitting at your computer, you're not in trouble. If you decide to go away to work you shouldn't.

It doesn't even matter. To be frankly honest as they do autolog your account even when you're in combat with, say, giant spiders, bandits and all the other AFK'able training places, I'm not sure anyone has been banned - and that's not even prohibitable, I'd guess - by having AFK'd. It's not that Jagex has a camera that can take video of you when you're playing. But, , if you move away then yes technically you are AFK however browsing YouTube while fishing or even doing your homework during fishing is okay.

Thanks! This is the type of answer I was looking for. What I've learned: As long as I are still there then it's okay. If I go away in a short time to Buy RuneScape Gold use an appointment or washroom that is fine. If I do not leave for an extended period, it isn't alright. This is fine, since you aren't banned, but it's still technically banned. But, considering how hard it is to prove - I'm pretty sure Jagex isn't aware of whether you were browsing forums or whatever the reason isn't important.