There are a few things that might irritate you much more quickly than Why Is My Wireless Printer Connected But Not Printing? If you have a pressing need to print something quickly and your printer refuses to comply, don't worry; the problem is simple to resolve. A printer is a must-have item for both home and business use. Additional features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and wireless connections are included to improve performance and usability. Even though these printers are simple to set up, you may run into some complications with them that are frustrating. If you're having trouble with this, here are some suggestions to help you.

Reasons Why Wireless Printer is Connected But not Printing

If you have a Wireless printer, you may need to put your troubleshooting hat on from time to time. Faulty printer drivers, paper jams, or insufficient paper in the main tray are all possible causes of your Wireless Printer Connected But Not Printing issue. Ink may run out, paper jams may occur, or your printer's primary tray may be insufficient. Here are some possible reasons why it won't print:

  1. Lousy Connection

You may believe the USB connection or cable you removed from the drawer is in place, but it isn't, and this could be the reason of your printer's inability to function.

  1. Printer Queue

On Wireless printers, you may queue jobs. If your print queue is too long and your printer is overworked, no prints will be created.

  1. Software Issues

Users frequently experience issues with Wireless printer drivers due to the installation of the incorrect driver, an outdated version, or both. Your printer will not print if its consumables, such as paper and ink, run out, even if it is connected.

Solutions For Wireless Printer Connected But Not Printing

For both our office and home duties, we rely on printers. When the printers failed to reply to the information you supplied them, you may have gone nuts. There are occasions when creating reports for your organization or other important facts becomes difficult due to printer issues. We'll show you how to resolve the Wireless problem.


Check Printer Connection Then Restart

If the problem persists, you may try check your internet connection. Many people have claimed that the issue was with the network rather than the device. This is precisely why you should check to see if your internet connection is working properly. To see if the internet is working, connect to your network using another device.


Update Wireless Printer Drivers or Install Again

It's not uncommon to run into issues with your driver's configuration files. Wireless printers feature applications that are tailored to each model. In some circumstances, the incorrect application may be installed, or the installation procedure may be defective. Reinstalling your drivers or deleting current apps from the control panel are the best ways to fix this problem.


Cancel Printing Jobs

It's possible that a print queue will encounter issues, causing the printer to print slowly or not at all. Not only will canceling all of the prints in the queue solve the printing problem, but it will also help the printer function faster. You will not need to clear printing jobs because it will be restarted automatically once you open Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and then Services. Start the Services application, then scroll down to Windows Print Spooler, right-click it, and choose Restart from the menu.