See Khloe Kardashian React After Pete Davidson Sends Her Valentine’s Day Flowers
Kim Kardashian wasn't the only one feeling the love on Valentine's Day thanks to Pete Davidson. The SNL star sent an array of pink flowers to his girlfriend's sister, Khloe Kardashian.
Roses are red, violets are blue. Amid his romance with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson sent love to Khloe Kardashian, too.

For Valentine's Day this year, Khloe received a slew of gifts and floral arrangements from her inner circle, including the Saturday Night Live star himself. In a Feb. 14 Instagram Story post, Khloe shared a picture of a pink floral bouquet arrangement that included calla lilies, roses and hydrangeas, writing, "The sweetest! Thank you Pete!"
But Pete wasn't the only one sending love to True Thompson's mom, as she also shared photos of arrangements sent from mom Kris Jenner, sister Kylie Jenner and niece Penelope Disick (more than likely courtesy of mom Kourtney Kardashian, of course).

And although Kim hasn't revealed her V-Day gift from Pete just yet, the couple did spend a fun-filled weekend full of dinner dates leading up to the holiday. On Feb. 12, the two enjoyed a date night in Brooklyn, which they followed up with by
How Sarah Jessica Parker Really Feels About Samantha's Absence From Sex and the City Revival
By now, fans know how And Just Like That... handled the absence of Kim Cattrall’s character Samantha. So what did Sarah Jessica Parker think of the way the show addressed it? See here.
And just like that, Sarah Jessica Parker is giving her take on how the Sex and the City revival handled the absence of Kim Cattrall's character Samantha.

As fans well know, Cattrall—who starred alongside Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis in the original series and movies—had made it clear that she had no interest in reprising the role and wouldn't be joining the cast of the reboot And Just Like That….

Instead (warning: spoilers ahead), viewers learned that Cattrall's character Samantha and Parker's character Carrie had a falling out after Carrie fired Samantha as her publicist. And while Samantha never physically appeared on the new show, her presence was still felt through Carrie's occasional text exchange with her. 

During the Feb. 14 episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Parker noted she couldn't take any credit for the way Samantha's absence was handled other than that she "got to sort of convey the messages since they're not spoken." Instead, she gave all the kudos to the show's head writer and showrunner Michael Patrick King as well as to his "extraordinary group of amazingly talented writers."

As Parker explained to Andy Cohen, "It was an idea because Samantha is not gone. The actress that played that role is no longer playing that role, but people aren't absent from your life when you don't want them to be. And I thought that, in typical Michael Patrick fashion, he, you know, threaded it through with grace and dignity and respect, you know, and love and affection for that character. And I thought it mimicked many friendships that, you know, challenge each other and struggle and want to remain connected in a way because it's too painful."

This isn't the only tea (or should we say Cosmo?) that Parker spilled. She also responded to fans' argument that Carrie should have called 9-1-1 sooner after her husband Mr. Big (played by Chris Noth) suffered a heart attack.

While Parker pointed out Carrie did call for help, she still acknowledged "that's an understandable and logical expectation." But she viewed the scene as "suspended animation" and explained, "It's this moment where everything stops and then whatever collapsing of time that happens does not stop her from taking care of somebody in a fashion that you would want and expect from your partner or your husband or wife."

In her mind, she continued, Carrie, "struggled through this moment and tried to get him to be responsive and then she, you know, came to her senses I'm going to say after about two to three seconds…and then of course she called 9-1-1 and got all the help she needed from the professionals."
Jennifer Lopez Dancing Next to Ben Affleck at Super Bowl 2022 Has Us On the Floor
While celebrating the success of her new film Marry Me, Jennifer Lopez takes a break from work to “Live It Up” at Super Bowl 2022. All the details on her date night with Ben Affleck.

She's gonna dance and love and dance again!

As Jennifer Lopez continues to celebrate the success of her new romantic comedy Marry Me, the actress decided to step away from work and experience Super Bowl 2022 with boyfriend Ben Affleck.

The pair was spotted hanging out at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif., as the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals faced off in the biggest football game of the year.

While fans at the game saw the pair on the big screen, viewers at home were able to spot the pair when NBC highlighted celebs in the stadium. When the cameras panned on Jennifer, she just so happened to be dancing away moments before the Pepsi Halftime Show kicked off.

"That big big #SuperBowl #HalftimeShow Energy," she wrote on Instagram Stories before showing her support for Eminem, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar and all of this year's performers.

In true J,Lo fashion, the singer dressed to impress for game day with bold sunglasses, a white button-down and big hoop earrings. As for Ben, he opted for jeans and a dark button-down long sleeve.

So who else is enjoying game day in the city of Angels? Spoiler alert: The stadium is filled with your favorite stars. Keep scrolling for more star sightings.

How Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Really Feel About Kanye "Ye" West's Public Pleas
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are trying to "ignore" Kanye "Ye" West's latest social media messages, two sources told E! News, with one adding of her ex, "She wants him to be happy."

This Valentine's Day continues to get more complicated.

Kanye "Ye" West piled on the public pleas to estranged wife Kim Kardashian to bring their family "BACK TOGETHER"—even appearing to sending her a truckload of red roses on the romantic holiday. 

However, she seems to have other plans, stepping out with new flame Pete Davidson at Cipriani NYC on Sunday, Feb. 13. The couple was spotted sharing their first public kiss (aside from that scripted one on Saturday Night Live), which topped off their intimate weekend that also included a date night at Lilia's restaurant in Brooklyn. 

Following their outings, Ye once again expressed his desire to reunite with his ex, who filed for divorce nearly a year ago. "THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF MY FAMILY," he wrote on Feb. 14 in response to a fan comment. "MY FAMILY MEANS MORE TO ME THAN ANY OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENT IN LIFE." 

Amid his public declarations, two sources close to Kim exclusively tell E! News her true thoughts on the situation.

"Kim is trying to ignore Kanye's social media posts and pleas to get back together," one shares. "She is really happy right now and is having a lot of fun. She likes where she is at in life and is loving this new chapter."

The insider explains that her and Ye's four children continue to be her main focus: "As long as the kids are safe and taken care of, that's all that matters to her."

Kim will "always be cordial and communicate" with Ye when it's comes to their kids, the insider says. "Kim is hopeful Kanye will be able to move on in the future and accept they aren't getting back together," the source goes on. "She wants him to be happy." 

As for Pete, a second source notes that he "doesn't really spend time on social media," so he is not totally "aware" of all the drama.

"He doesn't want to get involved or be in the middle of Kim and Kanye," the second insider shares with E! News. "He supports Kim with whatever she needs and they try not to focus on it."

In fact, Pete has "sympathy" for what Ye is going through, per the second source.

"Kim is very good at compartmentalizing and not letting these things get to her," the second source adds. "She is able to shut it off and ignore when she has to."

Last week, Pete spoke to People about why this Valentine's Day is so special to him, now that he has put a label on his romance with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. "I don't think I've ever had a Valentine's Day thing, really," the SNL comedian told the outlet. "So this would be the first year that I'm thinking about Valentine's Day plans, I guess." 

Meanwhile, Ye will not likely be spending the lover's holiday with Julia Fox, as they recently ended their relationship after one month. The Donda 2 artist instead took to Instagram on Valentine's Day to share a photo of Pete and Kim during their New York date night. 


E! News has reached out to reps for Kim, Pete and Ye for comment.

Keep scrolling to see how all of the Kardashian-Jenners celebrated V-Day 2022.