Sierraleone is bounded Around the South-west Coast South West Also north-east by the Republic of Guinea Around the South-west at the Republic of Liberia and on the south-west by the Atlantic Ocean.

It's an area of 27925 square kilometers per hour The colony of sierraleone originated in the sale and cession from 1787 by indigenous chiefs to English settlers of a slice of land planned as a home for African settlers that were waifs at London and later it was used as funds for freed African American slaves.The hinterland was announced a British Protectorate on 21st August 1896. Sierra Leone attained independence on 27th April 1961 and became a Republic in 1971. Education is offered by both personal and state-sponsored schools. The current program of instruction would be (which will be six years Primary faculty three years Junior Secondary college 4 decades Senior Secondary School and four decades tertiary/higher instruction. The method has been complemented with non-formal education.

Notion of Schooling

Instruction is often utilised in the feeling of education in the class room lab workshop or even national science space and includes mostly at the equaled from the educator and also the acquisition by students of psychological and information together with manual expertise. A wider meaning compared to education is the fact that of schooling. That's to say everything happens in the school as part of their student's life there. It features amongst other things the connection between students and educators students and students both in and beyond the faculty. J. S. Mill (1931) opined that anything helps you to shape the individual beingto really make the individual that which he is or dissuade him against being what he is perhaps not is a portion of his education. Implicitly education is lifelong and ubiquitous it's the total of all influences that visit create a person that which he is from birth to death. It has the home our neighbors and the street amongst the others.

It's been known from time immemorial that the conservation of traditional education has a vital role to play in the development of the young child.

The youngsters of today will be the adults of to morrow they have to be trained therefore to inherit and perpetuate the beliefs and modes of life peculiar to the specific society to which they belong. Every society has the desire to preserve itself maybe not only physically but like a residential district consciously sharing particular goals ideals and styles of behaviour.Such a instruction isn't necessarily formal in educational institutions using classroom education but that effected indirectly through the loved ones and throughout the effect on the person of social influences and habits which the child can't evade. In Sierra Leone this social instruction included intricate ceremonies of initiation involving feats of stamina by which youthful women and men have to show themselves worthy of the area.


Traditional schooling has both a creative and conservation role in society it is a robust way of preserving a society's habits if not culture. In the past the type and needs of society played with a crucial part in setting the character of education. Professor M.V.C. Jeffreys (1950) once wrote in his publication Glaucon thatin a calm society the educational technique will be inclined to reflect the societal pattern whereas societal uneasiness and instability make the opportunity for using training as a tool of societal change(p.7). {Much the same view was shared by John Dewey (1897) who opined that through education society can formulate its own purposes can organize its own means and resources and thus rescue by itself with definiteness and economy in the way in that it wants to proceed

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