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For a business, it is important to produce and nurture the proper image to lure potential customers. Most business owners invest heavily in landscaping their businesses to be able to make sure they are more appealing to customers. Including making your premises clean both from inside as well as outside. Clean windows are one of the most crucial elements of a company to attract customers and that's why it's said: “External Facade Cleaning Services in Dubai | SKYLINE Elite Services“.  

The procedure of ensuring that outside or exterior of a building is free from any dirt, stains, grime, and pollutants is called facade cleaning or window cleaning. The word facade is normally used for talking about the leading element of a building or office where in actuality the entrance is located.

Put simply, a clear office or building is more attractive and aesthetically pleasing in comparison to a dirty one. There's no denying a pleasant and fresh-looking facade and exterior present a far more welcoming and hospitable front, helping in setting the tone for the remaining portion of the building as well as your business.

You can find a number of explanations why the outside of a building or office can look dirty. As an example, bad weather will take its toll on the building facade, as can the pollutants in the air. This combination can cause a facade or window of a building or a company to fade in color thus impacting the entire look of the building or office. External Facade Cleaning Services in Dubai | SKYLINE Elite Services and exteriors assist in making an enduring first impression of how clients view a building for residential as well as commercial purposes.

In order to maintain the design of one's building contact Power Facilities Management as we are one of the best window cleaning companies in Pakistan and are noted for delivering high-quality cleaning services at affordable rates. 

Types of Façades

The cleaning of a facade basically depends upon the kind of material it's made from. We've expertise in cleaning all kinds of facade surfaces like the following:

  • Glass Facade
  • Stone Facade
  • Clay Facade
  • Wooden Facade
  • Marble Facade
  • Metal Facade
  • Granite Facade
  • Argemax Facade
  • Aluminum Facade
  • Any type of Facade.

Our Window Cleaning Methods

A number of the methods we use to completely clean windows of buildings/offices are the following:

Pressure washing: In this process, we wash the glasses of a building/office with a high-pressure window washer through the use of ropes. The technique is fast as well as environment friendly and can be used particularly for removing dirt.

Water Soaking: In this process, our window cleaners first wash dirt present on the surface of the windows with the aid of a steady stream of water. Then, the facade surface is scrubbed or rinsed with preferably 400 psi water. This method is commonly used for limestone glazed bricks.

Steam or Hot Pressurized Cleaning: This method is not commonly used but can assist in removing built-up plants and soil deposits. It can also be an option for cleaning façade made from stone material that's sensitive to acids which are found in chemical cleaning.

Chemical Cleaning: This method of cleaning involves the use of chemical products such as organic solvents, acidic cleaners, and alkaline cleaners. This method helps in removing, dirt, stains and unlike water soaking and pressure washing, it can also be used for removing paint, coatings, and graffiti.