After Amazon recently merged the New World servers again, players have their long-awaited server transfer opportunity. Players get their second server transfer tokens on February 15th, after which they can make server transfers.

At 4 pm CT on Tuesday, players are going to be offered the rare tokens. These permit all of them to transfer coming from their existing server to a new one of their finding yet, again, there are some constraints.

Like a final opportunity, you can just utilize the transfer tokens to move in between servers in the same location. Tokens are account-based also, so you'll merely get one for your profile, not for each character. Transfer tokens do not run out, nevertheless, meaning gamers can hang on to them for so long as they want.

With these tokens being broken down, some globes have now been hailed as "full". Gamers can not transfer right into these shut servers but may take their characters out. You can observe a checklist of these servers on the New World online forum listed below.

How to prepare for server transfer

Before you may transform the server you'll need to have to prep some traits. These include ensuring you are inside a settlement deal and also have left your Company. Leaving gamers are additionally required to take out any type of energetic Trading Post or even sell purchases before they make use of the tokens.

Once you're all set, head to the New World retail store and also select "World Transfer." Hence reclaim your complimentary token through purchasing an action. Pick your intended server from the available list and also when you've confirmed you'll be moved over.

It isn't clear when gamers will receive much more tokens, therefore you'll intend to use them prudently.

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