The correct daily wig care is critical to extending wigs. As the low temperature weather our hair T Part Wig is getting dry. Some steps can make our hairstyles becomes luster from dryness.


Several simple care skills for maintaining T Part Lace Wig, let your wig lasting!


TIP1: deal with tangle


Unfortunately, a small entanglement is easy to become a knot, when you need to comb your T lace wig, it is gentle. In addition, if you don't want to damage your wig, don't comb your Middle Part Lace Front Wig when you are wet.


TIP2: Cleaning and conditioning


Deep conditioning can restore the softness, thickness, and texture of Middle Part Wig in the dry air.


Use shampoo used for wigs rather than shampoo suitable for natural hair. Make sure you don't do this every day, you should use several deep conditioning masks a week.


TIP3: Wash and keep dry after the hair

At this time, you have already cleaned your hair, then you need to dry your hair, use towel to be careful, dry at a point, avoid damage or hair entanglement.


TIP4: Storage wig


Either case, when you don't wear the wig, the simplest method of storing the wig is to wear on the fake. The bracket will help keep its shape, we recommend T part wigs to make a wig on the side of the crown and the ear to firmly secure.


TIP5: Help your wig keeps moisture


In winter, dry weather may damage your wig. The dry weather will lose the water in the wig, which will make the hair wigs easier to break.


Tip 6: Cover your wig


Watch out. Since your hair in the following not many months might be a piece dry, attempt to try not to wear fleece caps, ear covers, and so on For addition to the fact that you should focus on the items you set on your hair, yet additionally focus on what you wear on your head.