Analgesics are a type of medication that is prescribed for acute pain that is moderate to severe. It does this by altering how the body responds to pain. What is the Tapentadol function? Tapentadol decreases the sensation of pain as well as the way the body reacts to pain. What is the best way to use Tapentadol? It is available as a tablet that you can take in a mouthful, with or without meals. The dosage recommended ranges from 50 to 75 mg and 100 mg once every four to six hours, based on the intensity of pain. Common adverse reactions of Tapentadol ? Feeling dizzy. Take a slow rise for some minutes when you are lying or sitting. Be careful climbing. Feeling tired, lightheaded with blurred eyesight or a shift in your ability to think clearly. Avoid driving or performing other things that require you to be awake or have clear vision until you can understand how this drug impacts your eyesight. Headache. Itching. Itching stomach, or throwing up. A few small meals, proper oral hygiene, sucking hard, sugar-free sweets, and chewing gum that is sugar free can aid. Stomachs that are hard (constipation). Drinking more fluids, exercising, or including fibre in your diet could aid. Consult your physician about a stool softener, or laxative. What should I do if I'm missing the dose? If you missed a dose, take it whenever you start thinking about it. If it's near the time to take the next dose, avoid your missed dosage and then return to the normal time. Do not take two doses at once or additional doses. What precautions should I be taking when I am taking Tapentadol? If you are allergic to tapentadol, or any other component of this medicine. Discuss with your doctor if you have an allergy to one of the medications. It's critical to talk about your allergic reaction and the symptoms you had. It is important to mention itching, hives, or rash or a short breath coughing, wheezing, swelling of your lips, face tongue, throat or other symptoms. If you are suffering from one of these health conditions The most serious of them is lung disease or an inefficient digestive (gastrointestinal) tract. If you've used isocarboxazid or phenelzine in the last 14 days, tranylcypromine over the past 14 days. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (eg isocarboxazid, phenelzine and tranylcypromine) should be stopped for 14 days prior to when the medication is taken. Combining both simultaneously could result in risky hypertension. When should I seek medical assistance? If you believe there is an overdose, contact the poison control centre in your area or ER immediately. There are signs of a serious reaction to the substance. This includes wheezing; chest tightness, an itchy, feverish cough; grey or blue colour of the skin; seizures or swelling of the face or tongue, lips or throat. Extremely bad dizziness or falling asleep. Trouble breathing. A shift in thinking clearly and with logic. Massive change in balance. Twitching, sweating or stiffness in muscles. Poor pain control. Seizures. A very upset stomach or vomiting. Extremely hard stool (constipation). Feeling tired or weak. There is a rash. A health issue or side effect isn't getting better or you feel worse. Do I have to take Tapentadol along with other medications? Sometimes , drugs are not secure when taken in conjunction along with certain other substances and foods. When you combine them, they could cause negative adverse consequences. Make sure you talk with your physician about any medication you are taking. Are there any restrictions on food items? Avoid Alcohol How do I store Tapentadol? Keep in a cool, dry location away from access of children. The medicine should not be used after their expiry dates. Pregnancy Category Category C : Reproduction of animals studies have revealed that the drug can cause harm to the foetus. There aren't enough well-controlled studies on humans, however possible benefits could warrant the taking the medication during pregnancy, despite possible risk.