Dubai has become a significant tourist destination over the years. The city attracts millions of visitors every year from around the globe. If you want to visit Dubai, you should consider visiting its famous deserts. There are several fantastic desert safari Dubai tours that offer unique experiences. These include camel rides, dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking, and much more.

What will you experience in desert safari Dubai?

A Dubai desert safari is a great way to explore the desert landscape. You'll be able to drive the dunes in a 4x4 vehicle, participate in a thrilling dune bashing activity, take an enchanting camel ride and watch a falconry demonstration. Pick-up and drop-offs are included, regardless of where you stay in Dubai Centre. 

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Dubai desert safari tours are trendy activities. You can enjoy them in many ways. There are short ones and long ones. Some are more active than others. We recommend going with the most extended tour to see the whole desert.

You can buy a video and professional photos at the end of the trip. The video combines personal shots taken during the safari, drone shots, and impressions of the Bedu camp. It captures the mood perfectly. Another important aspect of this trip is the ethical approach. The camels and falcons only do one tour per day at dusk, and that's that.

If you select the premium desert safari tour, then in our opinion, it is best. The experience is truly phenomenal! If you're looking for an unusual, luxurious, and memorable desert tour in Dubai, we would heartily recommend Platinum Heritage.

Most famous desert safari Dubai tour:

A classic evening desert safari that consistently gets glowing reviews. Guests enjoy sandboarding, dune bashing, camels, camel rides, camel feedings, sunset photo opportunities, and a convivial bbq buffet dinner. The evening concludes with henna and dance performances. Pick up and drop off are included, and an ATV experience is available.

Budget-friendly desert safari tour:

Dubai Desert Safari Red Dune is a great place to go if you want to get away from everything and relax. You'll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery while having fun activities such as camel rides, sandboarding, and BBQs. Desert safari includes pickup and drop-off dune bashing, sandboarding camel ride, and breakfast included.

Another affordable evening desert tour comes in two variants. The activity-focused standard four-hour program comes with pickup and drops off, dune bashing, camels, sandboarding, a sunset photo stop, and drinks. This seven-hour tour includes different things like the dancing, traditional dinner henna painting, shisha smoking.

Desert safari Dubai for romantic people:

Platinum Desert Safari includes an environmentally friendly wildlife drive in a luxury Land Rover on royal grounds, a visit to a bird sanctuary by a desert Lake, a falconry demo, and a sunset camel ride; after this private desert exploration, You can enjoy a mouth-waterer culinary experience in your private Oasis Cabana under the starlit sky. Pick up and drop off in a private vehicle included."

Desert safaris are great adventures. You get to see wildlife up close. You also get to sleep under the stars. There are too many things that you can perform in the desert safari. Pickups and drop-offs are not included.

Overnight desert safari:

It includes an adventure pack, a 1-hour nature safari by Vintage land rover, a camel caravan, and a falconry demonstration. You also get to spend a night in a stone dwelling room and enjoy breakfast the next day. Note that the camp isn't equipped with showers but clean bathrooms nearby. The focus is on respectful travel and authentic Emirati heritage. Activities take place in smaller groups, and the overnight experience lasts for 24 people.

Frequently asked questions

What to wear on a desert safari Dubai trip?

Desert safari Dubai requires lightweight and breathable clothing. A light sweater or jacket may be comfortable. Walking shoes, sneakers, or light booties are ideal for desert activities, while closed shoes such as walking shoes or sneakers are recommended. Sandals feel uncomfortable on the sand, and flip-flops are not recommended because it is easy to lose them in the sand.

Don't forget to take sunscreen and sunglasses if you're going on a desert safari. Also, make sure your child wears a hat or shawls when they go out into the sun. Camel rides and dancing aren't recommended for children younger than five years old.

What is the price of a desert safari Dubai tour?

Always inform the tour provider of your children's ages to provide the correct child seats for transfers. Desert safaris are priced from about 155 AED per person. Short, activity-only safaris are cheaper than luxury tours.

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Which desert safari is best?

Morning desert safari is ideal to see wildlife up close and personal. Evening desert safari is perfect for those who want to relax after a day of sightseeing. Overnight desert safari is ideal when you want to get away from everything and enjoy some peace.

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