Dubai is one of the best vacation destinations in the world as it is a center of thrill, adventure, relaxation, happiness, exotic views of Skylines, and extreme tourism.

Every year, thousands of tourists plan their vacations in Dubai through Dubai Tourism, which provides the best package to their tourists and makes the leisure trips memorable and wonderful experience. The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing caters to all types of tourist needs, from visas, to flight arrangements in Dubai, to booking rooms in luxury hotels in Dubai.

Dubai offers for Tourists:

Dubai has a lot to offer its tourists. Perhaps a major tourist attraction in Dubai's adventure sports and extreme tours, which inspire tourists and give them the desire for more thrills, excitement, and adventure. Leave Dubai's adventure tours to offer adventure sports packages such as the Hatta, Mountain Tour, Hummer Safari, and Desert Safari that attract tourists with full camping gear for an overnight stay at the camping site or in the desert. Hot air balloons and ski diving promise to send the cold through the backbone of tourists.

Dubai’s adventure sports packages:

In addition to these adventure sports packages, Dubai also tries to attract its tourists with a great and thrilling ultra-adventure tours sports package. These extreme tours by tourists include Desert Overnight Camping where tourists can keep their tent sleeping bags and will be provided with camping gear and light snacks. The Liwa Oasis Camping Adventure in which Liwa is a destination will impress tourists with its beautiful deserts and terrifying dunes rising to a height of 300 meters. Desert driving adventures in which tourists 25 years of age or older have to carry their valid driving license and participate in off-road recreational drives that ensure the ultimate thrilling experience that can happen anytime ۔

Extreme water sports packages

Not only do these highly adventurous ground sports provide a maximum thrill, but there are also extreme water sports packages that lure most tourists to participate and start a thrill in the water. Extreme Water attracts tourists who bring thrilling and adventurous water sports like Yacht Charter on which tourists can enjoy their every ride around the beautiful islands of Dubai. Water skiing from the side which can be enjoyed in hot weather. With Gulf waters and year-round sunshine in Dubai; Diving and snorkeling in which tourists are guided in the sea and allowed to catch a variety of fish. Other water sports such as scuba diving have always been part of the Dubai holidays and parcels.

Yacht Charter

The Dubai Marina is a natural wonder, and only a beautiful Yacht day can do it justice. Yacht chartering is the most exciting and pleasurable experience on the sea. Our collection of Dubai boats is premium and well-furnished, with everything you could want. As one of the greatest yacht rental businesses in Dubai, we have developed a name that evokes the best memories in the minds of our clients. Offers hourly and daily booking options, as well as bespoke event arrangements At Dubai Yacht Booking, we strive to give an experience that feels special and creates a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime.


Water skiing

Water skiing is a high-adrenaline sport that involves balance while being pulled by a boat. It is a surface watersport in which you skim the surface on two skis. This exercise is highly suggested for people who have prior skiing expertise, as well as adequate upper body strength, endurance, and balance. Don't worry if you're a newbie; you can always enroll in water ski school given by our knowledgeable instructors.

Scuba diving

Consider diving underwater with the help of little aquatic critters. Doesn't it seem exciting? Feel what it's like to plunge deep into the sea like a fish. Scuba diving in Dubai allows you to explore the Persian Gulf and interact with aquatic wildlife. This scuba diving in Dubai Desert safari is designed to fulfill the demands of both experienced divers and first-timers. Explore an underwater world rich with colorful coral and unique aquatic life. Hands-on diving training teaches you how to breathe underwater and is suitable for novices on a small-group diving experience at Jumeirah Beach. With one teacher for every four pupils, you'll have enough one-on-one time with PADI-certified instructors.