I would Like higher stats, but I think F2P Training isn't enough for levels 70 and above. It's my question: is it worthwhile to RS Gold take on soul wars in order to gain exp. I'd like an 74-83 range as well as 70 str up to 85. I'm wondering if that will last for the entire month or not, or if it is even worth getting?

I was planning to buy one of those ultimate game cards or try to pay by mobile(I doubt this as my mom paid the bill, but it was not in good timing.) or if I could make it 50-80 str within just a few minutes on a low-level account, that would be amazing sauce, too. Does anyone know of someone who could use an ultimate gaming card for 2 accounts?

Woo! This is definitely worth just one month, just to try it. Didn't Jagex offer a promotion that you could have a complimentary week of membership, if your account never has been upgraded previously? Someone might want to look up my facts on that; If it was actually there however, it may have only had a brief amount of time.

In the end, I'll follow up on what positive users have had to say in this thread. You should join for the chance to explore the vast world of Runescape opened to you! There's a lot more to explore, experience, and play, and experience. And the "pond", proverbially, gets much larger. There are a lot more opportunities to make money and earn xp from players. Avoid getting caught up in soul wars, because you'll want to destroy all things within an hour or after an hour or. Ugh. Wretched mini game. Well, yeah! I'm hoping to see you log into 71 in the near future!

There's an excellent reason that a lot members still use a platebody with runethat's got good defense bonuses and Cheap RS 3 Gold relatively cheap cost. What's the next step up from rune in terms of nondegradeable plates? I guess it would be one of the Bandos Plate, but that's quite out of my price range.