Choose to look REAL and will not make the wig look like a helmet on the head, which a wig do you prefer? T Part Wig or a front lace wig? If you don't understand these two wigs, this paper mainly describes the difference between lace part wigs and front lace wigs.


The main content of this article:

What is a T Part Lace Wig?

What is the front lace wig?

Advantages and disadvantages of lace part

Advantages and disadvantages of prostate wigs before lace

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Lace part of the wig: Middle Part Lace Front Wig is composed of a small area of lace and mechanism cap, and it is more natural and comfortable to wear.t lace part wigs are cheap lace front wig,on the one hand,it is cheaper than lace front wig,on the other hand,it provide beautiful look as the same as the lace front wig.i prefer to call Middle Part Wig for an affordable substitute of the lace front wig.


Lace front wig: the lace frontal is made of lace, the rear is a hat, the area in front of the lace is larger, breathable than the lace part.


The advantage of lace part of the wig: If you like to install the convenient wig, you can choose whether you do not use the adhesive, the lace part of the lace is only necessary to use a wig with the adjustable strap and comb to fix the wig. The lace part is cheaper, most people can afford.


Disadvantages of lace part of the wig: It can make the hair style very limited, because the lace is only distributed in the middle, so you can only do an intermediate hairstyle.


The advantage of lace before the wig: the front hairline in front of the lace is handmade, so it is very natural. It also allows you to design anything you want, suitable for those very creative women.


Disadvantages of wigs before lace: easy to damage

The lace of the front lace wig is very delicate and fragile, and you need to treat you carefully. If you accidentally install the front lace wig behind the hairline, you may make the lace on your hair, and your lace is easily damaged when you remove the lace before removing the lace. Remember: Your lace is sticky on the skin instead of your hair. Moreover, if you are an initiator, it is easy to damage your hair because of the wigs before repairing the lace.