Writing mistakes can reduce the quality of your work. This may affect your writing negatively. It is important to know different writing mistakes. This article highlights five common mistakes writers should avoid. They include;

  1. Writing poor introductions

Many students do not know how to write good introductions.  An introduction aims to give the reader an idea of what they expect in the entire writing. It should not exceed two hundred words. If you have no idea about writing a good introduction, consider seeking help from rewriting services.

Your introduction should have a hook sentence. It helps in grabbing the attention of the reader which motivates them to continue reading. It also introduces the topic you have written about. You can create your hook from;

  • A rhetorical question
  • An interesting fact
  • Giving a common misconception about a topic
  • A short humorous story
  • An anecdote

In the final part of your introduction, state your thesis statement. This will depend on the type of your writing.

Your thesis statement should state your topic and the main points. It should provide reasons that will support the main idea. Finally, a thesis statement should provide a counter-argument for the main idea.

If your introduction is not grabbing the attention of your reader, they might lack the urge to continue reading your piece.

  1. Writing mistakes of subject-verb agreement

Many writings have subject-verb agreement errors. Subjects and verbs must agree in sentences. Both should either be in singular or plural form.

 For example, let us look at this sentence; “the list of books you need are on the desk”. This sentence is wrong because there is only one list and it is followed by “are”. Instead, the sentence should read “the list of books you need is on the desk”.

Verbs and nouns form the plural in opposite ways in the present tense. For nouns in a singular form you add “s” while for verbs, you remove “s” in the singular form.

Let`s look at these sentences; “The car breaks regularly” and “the cars break regularly”. In the first sentence, you realize that the verb has an additional “s” while in the second sentence which is in plural form, the verb has no additional “s”.

  1. Misuse and missing of commas

Many writers misuse or forget to place commas appropriately. It is important to read and understand where commas should be used. Example; “in case you do not know I like watching football”. This sentence should read; “In case you do not know, I love football”.

Some writers use a comma in joining two sentences instead of a semicolon. For example; “I wanted to go to church, however, I decided not to”. This sentence should read; “I wanted to go to church. However, I decided not to.

If you still have challenges in using commas, you can look for a homework writer online. They are experienced writers who will complete your writing without misusing commas.

  1. Using repetitive information, words and phrases

Repetition is the act of using the same words or phrases many times in one piece of writing. This is one of the main writing mistakes that annoy the readers. They do not have time to read through writings several times.

For example instead of saying “in the past history” just say “in the past”. When you talk of the past, everyone knows it is history. Several types of repetition include; positive-restatement, antistatic, symposia repetition, and anaphora repetition

  1. Misuse of apostrophes and spelling mistakes

Many writers misuse apostrophes in their writings. This might mean a different thing from what they are talking about.

Let us look at these sentences; “it’s a beautiful morning” and “The Company celebrates its second anniversary”. In the two sentences, you realize that it’s has been used to show possession while it`s has been used as a short form of it is.

If you write a sentence with “it`s” while trying to show possession, you will be wrong. It is therefore important to know how and when to use apostrophes.

Many writers submit work full of spelling mistakes. Others do not differentiate between American and British English. If you are asked to write in American English, use it without mixing it with British English.

You can check your computer setting to ensure the right English. If you are not sure, use spell checker tools. They will help you correct all the mistakes.

To conclude

There are many writing mistakes that students make. Such errors may be a piss-off to the readers which may make them not read the entire writing. This article highlights some of the most common errors in writing.

To avoid errors, take time to proofread your work after writing. You can also give your friend to correct the errors for you.