Universal joints are two very important parts of automobiles, so what aspects can the precision universal joint be used for? In which industries are precision universal joint used?

The precision universal joint is generally used in the automobile or machinery industry. In addition to the transmission of the automobile, it has a wide range of applications in other industries and even in the field of civil transmission. It can be used as long as the following conditions: 1: axis-different axis Center (the two-axis axis has a deflection angle, theoretical use: min0~max45 degrees); 2: when the axis-axis space parallel does not intersect or the space parallel intersects; 3: the axis-axis space angle is running Changing occasions.

The influence of working environment conditions on the precision universal joint for the working quality of high temperature, low temperature, oil, acid, alkali medium, it is not suitable to choose flexible couplings with general rubber as the elastic component material because it is easy to corrode, and metal elastic components should be selected. Flexible couplings, such as diaphragm couplings, serpentine spring couplings, etc.

Therefore, the universal joint manufacturer pays special attention to the impact of the environment on the universal joint.