There are many reasons to choose the steel structure warehouses. PTH will take you to take a look.

Cost-effectiveness. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, the construction cost of steel warehouses is usually lower. All parts will be manufactured in the factory, including drilling, cutting and welding of parts, and then installed on site, so construction time will be greatly reduced.

Greater power. Steel structure building uses steel plate or section steel instead of reinforced concrete, which has higher strength and better seismic resistance.

Environmental protection. The steel structure warehouse is more environmentally friendly because it can be reused in other projects, so construction waste will be greatly reduced.

Easy installation. These steel warehouses can be easily assembled and erected by workers, thereby saving manpower and labor costs.

High durability. The steel structure can withstand harsh environmental conditions and can effectively prevent fire and rust through fire-resistant paint and aluminum compound coating. Therefore, the service life can be extended.

High reliability. The steel structure can withstand impact and dynamic loads, and has good seismic performance. In addition, the internal structure of steel is uniform.

We sell steel structure warehouses of various shapes and sizes. If you are considering building your own warehouse, heavy steel structure will be the most economical solution for you. We provide custom designs at factory prices. The shape, size, chemical composition and strength of our structural steel are manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards and regulations. These steel materials come from reputable suppliers, and each steel warehouse building can be customized according to the customer's specific projects and requirements.

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