There are many IT certifications that IT professionals can obtain. Like all evidence, some are more important than others. Some of them have only a few letters after your name.

If you are thinking about entering the wonderful world of IT. You need to know which certificate is most sought after and respected. 

Microsoft Certificate

Microsoft Azure certification is one of the most important, as few companies don't sell Microsoft products. Microsoft offers many true alphabetic certificates. Each certificate has a different use. Many certification exams were cancelled many years ago. However, some companies using older systems are still looking for older certificates.

Apple Approved

Not all companies use Microsoft products. Some companies do not use Microsoft products at all or use hybrid operating systems. Having Apple certification for these companies can make a big difference. At the very least, they will find ACSP and/or ACTC certified IT professionals. Also, some companies may be looking for someone with a higher ACSA certification.

Cisco Certification

Cisco certification is one of the most common types of certification and has three types. From the simplest to the most advanced, from the simplest to the most advanced CCNP, CCNA and CCiE. Entry requirements and testing costs will increase. But these are excellent certificates.

CompTIA Certification

The Computer Industry Association grants vendor-neutral certification. It offers a wide range of features that companies expect from IT professionals. When the CompTIA certification is valid. But recently this policy has changed and needs to be updated every three years.

Project Management Expert

IT project managers can make big money. Also, while accreditation is highly regarded as a project management expert, accreditation requires a college degree and experience as a project manager.

United Nations Information System Security Certificate

I am satisfied, but companies that need to address security issues appreciate this certification. Participation in the trials requires many years of experience in safety and design. It's also easier than using the abbreviation "CISSP" every time.

Association for Audit and Management of Information Systems

ISACA certification is another type of security certification. And other certifications that require years of experience in IT security. However, all the requirements of this test far outweigh the benefits of earning this certification.

Certification is important, but it's not the only thing prospective employers are looking for. And real experience and extensive work experience often compensate for the lack of certification.

This is because the workplace does not focus on a single supplier. Therefore, certification or knowledge of various systems is more valuable in the modern workplace. Of course, having several certificates to increase their value is not bad.