I'm sure you know what a sling looks like, it is available from cows as well. The 2nd kill of OSRS gold a cow I obtained a sling, 1st kill is an airstaff. Questing is also a challenge for me. I'm terrible at doing quests. I'm not certain of which quests to take on or if they're long, I'll get bored quite easily. The quests for full rune armor or melee training are my only problems.

It isn't possible to change money into more. You must do herby run, train profitable skills like hunters, fletch-yew longs or something similar. Someone mentioned 99 fishing, you could do it, just make sure you fish for rocktails between 90 and 99. You can certainly do it but it's a slow and a long road, depending on where you start and how dedicated you are it is possible to turn 1gp into 1B quickly.

The way I'd do it , even though you've now got 15M is to purchase something that is prone to fluctuation in price , but is caught at the bottom of the market by its alch value; at this point , you do not want to be taking huge risks in your fund but slowly building it up and 15M , which is a great amount can bring you around 400k of profit for each session of Green Chaps, for example.

Because they don't drop to below 2200 in a very long time due to their ALCH value that is 2380, you can purchase them at 2200-2250 and sell for 2300-2350. It's not the fastest method out there but it is consistent, in the event that you're a member it is possible to buy more exotic products like black chaps, which you can purchase at 5400, and selling them at 6000+ but if don't time it right, you can end up holding stock for a while.

Do not buy red dragonhide, as it does not sell well and beware of seeds as they are the plague, I've lost a fortune in these seeds. The technique is to use the graph for 180 days and study the patterns that bounce constantly between two points and buy and sell before they arrive at them. It will take some time but over time it is possible to make great profits of 1-2M everyday...do some woodcutting or slaying simultaneously so buy OSRS GP you are not wasting time either.