Aion Classic was released on June 23, and now we can enter the game. The first thing you need to do after entering Aion Classic is to create a character. Let's introduce some problems that we may encounter when we create the first character.

Create a character in Aion Classic

Starting with the character creation screen, you will be able to pick between the four primary classes. (Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest).

Can I change the character class in Aion Classic?

No, class picks in Aion are final — there is no way of undoing this in addition to making a new character. Very same will certainly choose your secondary class later on in the game.

How To Change Class In Aion?

What character do these different classes represent?

Choosing a tank most likely indicates you want to choose the Warrior and also one of its specialized classes.

Melee's DPS approach, with either higher DPS or battlefield control, will probably leave you with the Scout.

Magic DPS, obviously, is the Mage's specialized, with either higher DPS or debuff infliction.

The Support role will be carried out by a Priest, with either a healing or buffing focus.

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