In New World we can reach a max level very quickly, so what can we do when we reach level 60? Below we will introduce you to some of the tasks that can be done after reaching level 60 in New World, which will allow us to continue to become stronger after reaching the highest level.

Outpost Rush

Outpost Rush is a 20v20 PvPvE method developed primarily for endgame players. Secured off to every person yet those who've achieved Level 60, Outpost Rush is additional of a harmonizing act than earlier video game methods, requiring you to take part in PvP dealing with to grab and also safeguard objectives while at the same time gathering resources to keep your roles healthy and balanced and also battle-ready.

Expeditions and Arenas

Explorations are five-player PvE dungeons that start unlocking the moment you hit Level 25, however, achieving Level 60 opens up the last two: the Garden of Genesis in Edengrove as well as the Lazarus Instrumentality in Reekwater. Legendary and Legendary gear declines are featured in the benefits for accomplishing these dungeons-- though if you've got a certain famous item in mind, you're better off crafting it yourself using pursuits (find below), because certain decreases may not be promised.

legendary weapons

You can get some Legendary weapons before level 60, but you need to hit the level cap to have a chance to choose your Legendary weapon instead of relying on random drops.

To start a Legendary Weapon quest, you need to max level, and you also need to master a level 20 weapon before you can start a quest that unlocks its Legendary form. Once you've met these conditions, you can head to the Mountainhome area, talk to an NPC named Eintou Madaki, and start searching for all the components needed to forge a legendary weapon.

When we complete the above tasks, we can get a lot of powerful equipment and weapons, which can make us stronger quickly.