Toners and detergents are often confused, as some women think when using detergents. No toner required. In fact, both are equally important and should be used in the correct order. Our skin is "acid skin"; This coating prevents dirt and impurities from entering the pores. When cleansing the skin with a cleanser. Meet with the best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi for toners and detergents. It removes the acidic layer that carries impurities and impurities, but the tonic restores the acidic layer and protects the skin. This is faster and safer for the skin than waiting for the skin's natural processes to form a protective barrier.

Best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi

For working women who spend time indoors and are only exposed to sunlight and dust in the morning and evening. Use toner morning and evening. For best results, cleanse your face with the same brand of cleanser and toner. If possible, use the same brand of moisturizer as your cleanser and toner for your day and night creams. This moisturizing day/night cream hydrates and regenerates the skin, providing essential hydration without causing adhesions.

Another reason to use toner for those who want to have oily skin is when using toner before makeup, foundation and powder particles do not clog skin pores and do not make the skin breathe. Herbal tonics should be used for sensitive skin because they have a healing or floral effect. Naturals are gentle on sensitive skin without damaging the skin's natural protective barrier.

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