What is the way the next-gen edition perform visually? When you compare the previous version with that of 2K22 MT Buy Xbox Series X we will see the differences appear beyond the resolution increase you will notice that the finishes and textures of each player are more impressive, there is greater expressiveness in the animations and expressions and the lighting appears to be significantly improved.

In NBA 2K21, we will be able to see distinct differences that prove that, despite providing the same basketball experience the current and new generation games of NBA 2K22 are different games. The game's menu and interface on Xbox One (and PS4) is terribly simple, and this extends to the teams that can be selected when it comes to improvising games, or ways of distribution.

But the interface and mode layout of the NBA 2K22 game on Xbox Series X and PS5 are completely different. A lot more visually-focused and interactive, with video playing in the background and interactive elements. This applies to the pause menus between games. In a way, if there weren't logos, it could give an impression that these are two different seasons.

Another intriguing distinction is the manner in which the game offers experiences related the The W and the WNBA particularly when it's one of the strongest segments of this season. In the latest generation versions, all the modalities are gathered in the same place and accessible from the main menu. In contrast, on the other variations (including PC and Switch) the women's basketball will be distributed throughout the other sub-modes of the game. own game.

In any event, The W will never be a second-rate or filler content Although it's not as compelling as the rest of the elements of the experience Visual Concepts has developed all sorts of sub-modes and alternatives and most of how to get MT in NBA 2K22 them are copies of the existing ones, meaning that women's NBA are also fed up with licensing and excuses for playing on the court. Including a good handful of brand new games and customizable items for My Player.