Canada: A Dream Immigration Destination

It's not surprising that certified canadian immigration consultant in dubai is at the top of every world ranking of quality of life. From gender equality to freedom of religion and human rights, and per capita earnings and from education to healthcare it is a North American country scores higher in every aspect over any other country, which adds greater appeal to its position as a major destination for immigrants. With 22 percent of Canadians having been immigrants and one out of five Canadians is a foreign national The country is home to more than 250,000 new immigrants each year, making rapid progress on the top 10 countries with the largest populations of immigrants.

In the present, Canada tops the immigration wish lists of millions of individuals looking for an improved life and better opportunities for their families as well as their own. Immigration-friendly policies in Canada also are a key factor in making Canada the most sought-after second home for all seeking to relocate and start fresh. As Canada is preparing for an increase in its economy there is a growing demand for skilled workers is greater than ever, as are the chances of immigrating through a skilled visa, family sponsorship, or an enterprise program.

Why should you immigrate into Canada?


Hof immigration provides some of the best health and education services for its citizens. The level of living that it affords is difficult to beat and the career opportunities are becoming more promising with every increasing year as Canada's economy expands, creating more space for those of all fields and kinds of lives. Being an Canadian citizen will open the door to numerous possibilities for your family and you, which allows you to make the most of your abilities and take your portion of the nation's expanding economy. Below are some reasons Canada should be your top choice for a destination to apply for an immigration visa.

World-class health facilities Great schooling options to pick from
Visa-free travel to more than 100 countries
Career prospects improved
Citizenship at birth to children who were born Canada
Superior living standards

Canadian Visit Visa


At Hof immigration we can also help with obtaining a visit Visa for best canada express entry in dubai to visit or reunite with your family members, attend an event or business meeting or simply take an excursion to take in the sights across the vast landscape of Canada's natural beauty.

If you have a visit visa for Canada it is possible to remain within Canada until six months and travel around Canada during the duration of your stay. In order to visit with a tourists Canadian visa, there's an inventory of documentation required that differs from case to situation. If you're also considering an excursion to Canada contact us with us to evaluate your case and help you through the application and documentation procedures and the conditions.

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