It's taken a while to get here two years to be exact, but the design team at Cuup chose not to skimp out on good, intentional design. Empowered and inspired by this customer, we dove into studying Saint Laurent Handbags Outlet their needs. Through in-person fittings and feedback sessions, we developed a design formula that is modern in its unique alchemy of bridging style, fit, support, and functional design, explains Pascale Gueraague, CUUP Chief Design Officer. In an environment where many brands are lazily jumping onto the trendiness of size inclusivity and quickly shelling out poorly designed garments and wondering why the plus-size community doesn't accept the meager bones thrown their way, this approach is refreshing. Gueraague further explains that launch required advanced material development, and was imperative to work with real women to successfully and authentically serve extended-sized customer.

Throughout the series' six seasons, Bank's character evolved from the silly youngest sibling enamored by her cousin from Philly to a self-assured young woman with an eye for trends, and her wardrobe reflected this transformation. In the series' early years, Banks sported bold-printed sets and baggy, colorful outfits that reflected her cheerful personality and interest in hip-hop. It wasn't until the fourth season that little Ashley became a major fashion inspiration. In it, we see her in the midst of teenagehood, forming her own personal style separate from the playful patterns of pre-teen clothing and homogeneous school uniforms. With her babydoll tees, mom jeans, tennis skirts, and combat boots, Ali's character and the actor herself set the tone for 90s fashion. When YSL Bag Sale Banks performed at a talent showcase in the first episode of the fifth season, The Client, Part 1, with a black bra top, cropped dark denim jacket, and light-wash mom jeans, the outfit-which reflected the decade's fashion zeitgeist-immediately became one of Banks' most memorable looks and outfit inspiration for young viewers entering adolescence. Banks' style after season four showcased the character's growth as an individual and as a musical artist.

But emerging couture designers are stepping away from these standards. Back in October, fashion insiders took notice when Vietnamese-American designer Bach Mai presented his debut collection. An alum of Oscar de la Renta and John Galliano's Maison Margiela, Mai's resume gives a hint of what his work looks like full-skirted gowns in high-low hemlines, peplum strapless tops, and metallic slip dresses that drape over the body like liquid paint. It's Saint Laurent Bag irreverent, glamour and unabashed femininity that just has always been a part of my universe, Mai told Refinery29 of his brand. It's not only about the aesthetic, but also this appreciation for the craftsmanship to come back. Impeccable technique aside, what makes Bach Mai's work innovative is the versatility that allows his designs to bring couture into the everyday. See the bomber jackets that are paired with full, skirted gowns and leather pencil skirts featuring a too-open-to-walk-in middle slit.