During the launch of the new expansion piece Ultimatum, Path of Exile’s server had some problems, and players waited for several hours to enter the game. Unless you are the host of a paid live game, then you can enter directly. 

Fans quickly discovered this and were furious about it. Chris Wilson issued a statement about it. He said that they made a very serious POE Currency. They have been doing some paid influencer marketing recently, including Arrange large-scale streaming media to show Path of Exile to their fans. They have paid for two hours of streaming media fees, so they made a hasty decision to allow these anchors to bypass the queue. 

While all of us are eager to enter the game but cannot enter the game, others can enter directly without waiting. This is very unfair to the players. Many players who have purchased POE Currency expressed their dissatisfaction with this and it is completely understandable. In the future they will not allow anchors to bypass the login queue, and at the same time they will Buy POE Currency that the queue runs better so that every player can quickly enter the game. This statement is still very sincere. We believe that it will not make this kind of mistake again in the future.

All players who love Path of Exile can still continue to Buy POE Currency to upgrade their equipment.