Wraeclast in Path of Exile is a place without society; there is a paradise for Neanderthals, there is no law and currency to regulate how you should operate. All the exiles from Oriath were placed there. After that, people started mass murders in exchange for precious items. This is how the currency system works in the Exile.

Mirror of Calandra
 The Mirror of Calandra is the most precious currency in the game. Its rarity is proportional to its usefulness. You can obtain it through mirror fragments or divination cards. What about the price? With more than 100,000 Chaos Orbs, players can prepare enough POE Currency.

Eternal Orb
Eternal Orbs are more expensive than Mirror Shards because each of these babies needs more than 87,000 Chaos Orbs. At this point, you'd better ask for Exalted Orbs as payment, assuming that it is impossible for you to get one of them because they will not drop. Therefore, the number of eternal orbs in the game can be calculated. It will create an item's mark, and if you mess up its production or statistics, you can restore the item to its mark. Like all insurance, it is overpriced and expensive.

Maven's Orb
If you want something more expensive than Awakener's Orb, please enter Maven's Orb. It was dropped by The Maven himself, one of Atlas' final bosses. Before that, you still need to complete her challenge. This is why Maven's Orb requires about 2,800 Chaos Orb to be purchased through POE Currency.

These are precious items. If players want to POE Currency Buy for a better gaming experience, it is best to buy POE Currency and be fully prepared!