What are the production methods of pu leather? Artificial leather is a plastic product that looks and feels like leather and can replace it. It is usually made of fabric as the base, coated with synthetic resin and various plastics. There are three main categories: PVC artificial leather, PU artificial leather and PU synthetic leather. Artificial leather is similar to natural leather and has the characteristics of softness and wear resistance. Depending on the type of cover, there are artificial leather for shoes, artificial leather for bags, etc. according to the purpose.

Artificial leather production method: including base fabric treatment, rubber preparation, coating, laminating, gelation, surface treatment, embossing, cooling, winding and other processes. There are 4 main production methods.

Direct coating method:

The rubber material is directly coated on the pretreated base fabric with a scraper, and then put into a plasticizing box for gelation and plasticization, and then embossing, cooling and other processes to obtain the finished product. This method can produce a variety of cloth-based ordinary artificial leather, film-based artificial leather and foamed artificial leather.

Transfer coating method:

Also known as indirect coating method. Coat the paste on the carrier (release paper tape or stainless steel tape) with a reverse roller or a doctor blade. After gelation, the cloth base is compounded on the gelatinized material layer without tension. After plasticization, cooling and peeling from the carrier, and then post-processing, the finished product is obtained. This method is suitable for the production of knitted fabric or non-woven fabric-based foam artificial leather and ordinary artificial leather.

Calendering is legal:

According to the requirements of the formula, weigh the resin, plasticizer and other compounding agents, put them into the kneader and mix them evenly, and then send them to the three-roller or four-roller calender after plasticizing by the internal mixer and open mill or extruder. (See plastic machine calendering into a film of the required thickness and width, and bonding with the pre-heated base fabric, then embossing and cooling to obtain the finished product. This method can produce various artificial leathers with different fabric bases. In order to improve the base fabric For the bonding effect with the film, a layer of adhesive is often applied to the base fabric first.

Squeeze out legal:

The resin, plasticizer and other compounding agents are mixed uniformly in a kneader. After refining, they are extruded into a film with a certain thickness and width by the extruder, and then laminated with the preheated base cloth on a three-roller setting machine After preheating, filming, embossing, and cooling, the finished product is obtained. This method is used to make thicker products, such as floor leather, conveyor belts, etc.

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