According to ChemAnalyst report, “Alkyl Amines Market Analysis: Plant Capacity, Production, Operating Efficiency, Technology, Demand & Supply, End-User Industries, Type, Distribution Channel, Regional Demand, 2015-2035”. Alkyl Amines market witnessed a demand of around 1.94 million tons globally in 2021 and it is anticipated to grow with a healthy CAGR of 4.62 % until 2035 owing to its surging demand for the production Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Solvents & Dyes, & Various Others.

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Alkyl Amines are Ammonia Derivatives where Hydrogen element of ammonia is replaced by alkyl groups. Primary, secondary and tertiary aliphatic amines, depending upon number of hydrogen atoms replaced by alkyl groups, are important intermediates, which find a variety of applications in chemical industry. Lower aliphatic amines (C1-C6) are usually found in gaseous state & used as intermediates in the production of pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, rubber chemicals, water treatment chemicals, and solvents. Aliphatic amines with longer alkyl chains (C8-C22) are often derived from fatty acids and are, thereafter, referred to as fatty amines. They are used in personal hygiene and laundry products as fabric softeners. Some other applications of fatty amine are as corrosion inhibitors and as deicing agents. Ethyl amines find applications in the making of lubricants and fuel additives, epoxy hardeners, wet strength resins, carbamate fungicides, chelating agents, bleaching agents & many more. It is a chief ingredient of crop protection chemicals. Hexamethylenediamine (HMDA) is of supreme importance for the manufacture of nylon-6,6 and plays an increasing role as a component of foams and resins.

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Commercially, most of the lower Alkyl Amines are produced by the catalytic reaction of Ammonia with alcohol groups i.e., methanol, ethanol, etc. over silica alumina.  Other methods of its production are by reductive amination of Carbonyl compounds or hydrogenation of nitriles.

Alkyl Amines is primarily used in pharmaceuticals industry and in the making of agrochemicals. The usage of amines for making pharmaceuticals is projected to register a CAGR of more than 8% in coming years. Rubber chemicals, water treatment chemicals, paints & dyes, bleaching agents, & surfactants. Additionally, Alkyl Amines also used as a solvent, polymerization inhibitor, component of paint removers, rocket propellant and in the making of various specialties chemicals like methamphetamine.

Region wise, Asia Pacific holds the maximum demand share of the Alkyl Amines having consumption of more than 60% in the region. The growing populations and urbanization coupled with industrial revolution in developing regions of South & Southeast Asia is driving the market in Asia pacific region. The alkyl amines market is expected that it would grow at a promising pace through 2035.  The ongoing healthcare & water treatment projects and growing agriculture, pharmaceuticals & daily use sector in the developing south Asian region is likely to fuel the market for Alkyl Amines in the forecast period. In India, there are three manufacturing companies of Alkyl amines. North America & Europe holds the second and third largest share of Alkyl Amine in terms of demand. Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited, Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited & Balaji Amines Limited are major producers of this chemical in India.

According to ChemAnalyst report, “Alkyl Amines Market Analysis: Plant Capacity, Production, Operating Efficiency, Technology, Demand & Supply, End-User Industries, Distribution Channel, Regional Demand, 2015-2035”, Major players for Alkyl Amines globally are Huntsman Corporation (Global), Eastman Chemicals (Global), AkzoNobel (Global), BASF SE (Global), Anyang Jiutian Fine Chemical Co. Ltd. (China), Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd. (India), DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (USA), US Amines (USA), Balaji Amines Ltd. (India), Tosoh Corporation (Japan), Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. (India), Shandong IRO Amine Industry Co., Ltd (China);  Jiangxi Hurricane Chemical Co., Ltd. (China) ; Shandong Lianmeng Chemical Co, Ltd. (China); China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (China); Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc. (Japan); Delamine (Netherlands); Methanol Chemical Company (Saudi Arabia) and Others.

“Alkyl Amines is recognized as an extremely used chemical, that is utilised in most of the chemical industries. Hence, its broad range industrial & manufacturing applications are anticipated to propel the Alkyl Amines market growth in the forecast period. Fast growing industries, namely, pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals, refineries, water treatment, rubber, electronics, dye stuff & paints, animal feed, photographic chemicals & leather processing are heavily dependent on these petrochemicals. Aliphatic Amines and their derivatives predominantly find usage as solvents, followed by pesticides and animal/poultry feed additives. Owing to all these applications of Alkyl Amines, a rise in its demand is projected to drive its market growth through the forecast period and offer variousl openings for manufacturers to expand their capacities to fill the demand and supply gap in future.” said Mr. Karan Chechi, Research Director with TechSci Research, a research based global management consulting firm promoting ChemAnalyst.

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